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SOLD: Don Gerhard “Owen” is a 2010 Holsteiner out of De Chirico. Has shown up to 1.45 with Amateur Owner in numerous venues with scope and potential for more. Very trustworthy and brave; never looks at a jump and tries his best every time in and out of the ring. Very easy to live with. Puppy dog personality making him safe and easy enough for a kid but also competitive enough for a professional. A truly one of a kind horse. Please contact Sarah Ash (614) 206-5452. 

SOLD: Chamonix. 2011, 15.3 7/8 Selle Francais, USEF #5405241 Rider going off to school. Truly a great horse, great record, jumps a 10 every time, ribbons at indoors and junior hunter finals. Sits 7th in the Small 3’6 16-17 Juniors and 20th in the 3’6 Greens nationally. Easy and straightforward with minimal to no prep. Great derby horse, never spooky and never has to get into the ring beforehand. Easy enough for 2’6 novice rider and will take them up in height in no time. Finished 9th at Pre-Green Incentive Finals out of over 100 horses. Can be seen and tried at WEC Fall Classic I & II.

SOLD: Dalliance is a  5 year old selle luxembourgeios. At the start of 2019 he moved into the 3'3 young hunters and greens. Jonny has finished champion  reserve every time out. He has no spook, easy prep, great jump and is very safe with a great mind.


Jonny has already competed in multiple derbies with ease and great placings. He is an excellent small junior and derby horse and will continue to compete with young hunters and greens throughout the year.


Located in Columbus, Ohio - only a 90 minute drive from Wilmington, Ohio, World Equestrian Center. Priced in the mid-upper five figures. Jonny will be at WEC Wilmington all winter. 


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